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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2019 @ 3:20 pm

TL;DR: Forex Deposit Bonus is a tradable bonus given by forex brokers when the trader makes a new deposit into a real forex account.

Top 10 Forex Deposit Bonus in 2019

Here is the top ten list for your qucik view.

Broker NameBonus SizeExpiry Date
Check It Out... On Going
FXTM30% Deposit Bonus On Going
Just Perfect Markets100% Welcome Deposit Bonus On Going
Insta Forex100% Bonus On Going
Robo ForexWelcome Bonus 30 USD On Going
XM50% + 20% Deposit Bonus On Going
FBSBonus amount - 100% of the deposited amount On Going
Forex Chief100% deposit bonus On Going
XtreamForex30% Deposit Bonus On Going
Bullseyes Markets20% Deposit Bonus On Going

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All About Forex Deposit Bonus.

Forex deposit bonus is not a new term to seasoned traders. For the longest time, brokers have been enticing their traders – new and seasoned – with this offer that could ensure they take home a little more money.

Forex Deposit Bonus

All forex traders we know are after the big win. You want to put your money where you know it will be fruitful. Winning could come in the form of a big market shift that puts you in the perfect run to take money home, or as a forex bonus that brokers give to keep you enticed.

What Is Forex Deposit Bonus?

fdb1- $500/month

Essentially, a forex deposit bonus is an offer by the broker to return to your account a percentage of the money you deposited when preparing to make transactions. These bonuses range in value from 20 to 100% of your deposit, but there are a few conditions.

The 100% bonus is only given to new traders who just signed up with the brokerage to encourage them to start trading. After this initial welcome, you join the other traders who earn less than 100% on their deposits.

As a rule, the nature of this deposit demands that you make a deposit first before you qualify. Other conditions include trading within the minimum limits created by the broker and also keeping your account active. Also, worth noting is that the bonus is only made available for withdrawal once the minimum requirements have been met.

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Why Do Brokers Give You A Bonus?

Brokers want you in their enclave, and so they will offer these deposits to either attract a new trader to trade with them or entice a seasoned one to come on board. They want to increase their trading volumes and keep loyal traders in the house, which they can only do by giving a bonus with no heavy strings attached.

It is worth noting that a trading bonus is not a free gift from your broker. They are giving you a little money to thank you for trading with them and making them some money. As you may know, a broker makes money on commissions or on spreads, and so the more you trade, the better his pocket is going to look and feel.

How These Bonuses Work.

fdb2- $500/month

So, here is what happens; you deposit money with your preferred broker, they top you up with the agreed bonus as a percentage of the deposit and you start trading. If the bonus is 50% of the deposit, then you can start trading with 150% instead of 100%. Sweet, isn’t it?

Some brokers will offer you an abnormal bonus that you cannot withdraw. You can trade with it, but you can never have it, which makes it unreal as it will never be your money. Don’t fall for those as they are not worth your energy. You would rather have a bonus that you can withdraw after meeting the set conditions by your broker as they are attainable. What conditions are those? We will address them next.

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More On How Forex Deposit Bonuses Work.

Say you have $1000 and sign up with a broker who gives you a 50% bonus on your first deposit. Now, you will be trading with $1,500 but the catch is you cannot withdraw the extra $500 right away. Wouldn’t make any sense to the broker now, would it?

The broker will let you know your trading volume, mostly measured in lots. Let say they ask you to trade 1 lot for each USD 8 of the bonus. So, your trading volume will be $500 divided by $8. You will need to trade 62.5 lots to qualify for withdrawal of your bonus deposit.

If you fail to meet this trading volume, you can only withdraw your initial deposit less any loses you may have made along the way. The bonus makes things easier as it offsets any loses you may have made.

How Does A Forex Deposit Bonus Benefit The Broker?

Brokers make money when you trade and by giving you the bonus, they are cushioning you against loss and thus encouraging you to trade more. Take for instance a case where 1 pip is equivalent to $10. The broker will earn 1 pip as commission fees for any new trade you open. If your broker requires that you trade 62 lots to qualify for the deposit, you will be paying $10 every time you trade for the 62 lots.

By the time you trade enough times to make the required trading volume, they will have made almost double the value of the bonus. Is that a bad thing that they make so much? Not really as they also incur lots of expenses to make the trade possible and even though they will not make a loss, they will not exactly make a net profit of $600 from your $500 deposit. Brokers are more interested in the numbers – of traders –and so these bonuses are part of their customer-retention strategy.

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How To Choose The Best Deal.

Choosing a good bonus start with choosing a good broker. You want a person you can trust and one that has a good reputation with other traders. Ask a seasoned trader for recommendations if you are new. Check that both the broker and the company that is going to accept your deposit are regulated.

Next, read through the conditions of the broker. Do not go for terms and conditions you cannot meet as they will hinder you from achieving your plans and getting your deposit balance.
The other thing you have to check under the terms is the trading period the broker has given then measure it against your trading history. If you are getting a 50% forex deposit bonus on condition that you trade your given lots in 90 days but that is not possible according to your trading history in the past, then this bonus is not for you.

Go for a bonus with a longer trading period – like 180 days – so that you don’t have to make silly trades just to meet your trading quota before the expiry of your bonus period.

Where To Find The Best Forex Deposit Bonus?

The answer is obvious. For the best daily bonuses, check our listing below. If you are a new trader, you might want to check out the forex no deposit bonus instead.

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fdb15- $500/month

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Current Active Ongoing Deposit Bonuses:

FXTM – FCA, CySEC, FSCA, FSC Regulated Broker

Fxtm, a regulated forex broker is proudly presenting to you its 30 welcome bonus. Find it out for more.

Expiry Date: On Going

FXTM – 30 Welcome Bonus

30% deposit bonus from FXTM. Up to $300 bonus to be claimed.

Expiry Date: On Going

Just Perfect Markets – 100% Deposit Bonus

Start trading with Just Perfect Markets and take advantage of our 100% deposit bonus with maximum of $5000. Our 100%…

Expiry Date: On Going

InstaForex -100% Bonus – Double your deposit

InstaForex gives you a unique opportunity to get the 100% bonus on first deposit. You just need to open and…

Expiry Date: On Going

RoboForex – $30 Welcome Bonus ($10 Deposit Required)

RoboForex is offering $30 welcome bonus for new clients who deposit $10 via bank card. This is a good opportunity…

Expiry Date: On Going

XM – 50% + 20% Bonus Program

Instant credit on your deposit Applied to deposits from just $5 Available on all account types Non-withdrawable bonus

Expiry Date: On Going

FBS – 100% Deposit Bonus

How does the 100% deposit bonus work? Fund your account and get a 100% bonus Double your deposit Get more…

Expiry Date: On Going

ForexChief – Up to $500 Welcome Bonus

ForexChief is giving 100% deposit bonus to encourage its clients to try out their broker. No verification is required to…

Expiry Date: On Going

XtreamForex – 30% Tradable Bonus

XtreamForex offers its client 30% deposit bonus. Grab this opportunity.

Expiry Date: On Going

Bullseyemarkets – 20% Deposit Bonus

Bullseyemarkets is offering 20% deposit bonus with a maximum $600/client. Seize this opportunity to use it to maximize your trading…

Expiry Date: On Going

IronFx – 100% Sharing Bonus Unlimited – 40% Power Bonus up to $4,000 – 20% Iron Bonus up to $2,000

IronFX has multiple choice of deposit bonus. Choose the correct one to maximize your trading experience.

Expiry Date: December 31, 2019

FxGiants – 100% Bonus Maximizer – 40% Booster Bonus – 20% Bonus Advantage

FXGiants has 3 different types of deposit bonus. Click in to find out more about these bonuses.

Expiry Date: December 31, 2019

Xtreamforex – 100% Deposit Bonus

Xtreamforex gives 100% deposit bonus for any minimum deposit of $100. Make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Expiry Date: On Going

FXLinked – 50% + 25% Deposit Bonus

FXLinked Offers its clients multiple bonuses such as the Deposit Bonus worth 50% or 25% of Credit to your Live…

Expiry Date: On Going

True4X – 20% Welcome Bonus

Now you can maximize your deposit fund with TRUE FOREX ‘Deposit Bonus’ up to 20% every each of your deposit.

Expiry Date: On Going

TradeVest – Boost your Balance

Deposit and get a boost on your balance.

Expiry Date: On Going

AGEA – 30% Deposit Bonus

Welcome Deposit Bonus is available for new clients for every deposit made within 10 business days after account opening date….

Expiry Date: On Going

GF Trade – 50% Deposit Bonus

Start trading with GFtrade and take advantage of their 50% deposit bonus with maximum of $5,000. Their 50% Deposit Bonus…

Expiry Date: On Going

X90 – First Deposit Bonus

Clients are eligible to participate in the First Deposit Bonus on their initial deposit. The First Deposit Bonus is a…

Expiry Date: On Going

GKFX Prime – 55% First Deposit Bonus

The 55% First Deposit Bonus program is available to all new direct and IB clients who open a live account…

Expiry Date: On Going

GKFX Prime – 25% Redeposit Bonus

The 25% Redeposit Bonus program is available to all new direct clients who open a live account at GKFX Prime…

Expiry Date: On Going

N1CM – up to 55% Deposit Bonus

N1CM now offers a generous deposit bonus on your account up to %55 for each deposit. We are widening your…

Expiry Date: On Going

Paxforex – Loyal Deposit Bonus 100%

Deposit $1200 or more today and match your deposit in bonus money. This can provide a little extra safety behind…

Expiry Date: On Going

Adamant Finance – 200% Bonus

Create an account. Credit your account. Get your bonus. Earn additional money with rebate from your every trade!

Expiry Date: On Going

Atirox – Get $1800 Prime Bonus

With the $1800 Prime Bonus, you will be able to evaluate our unsurpassed quality of execution of orders in real…

Expiry Date: On Going

WorldForex – Deposit Bonus + 100%

DEPOSIT BONUS + 100% AND VPS SERVER Get a bonus for each replenishment of the trading account in the amount…

Expiry Date: On Going

UpForex – Double Deposit up to $5000

Join Upforex today and you can double your deposit with our exclusive deposit match promotion. With deposit match, we double…

Expiry Date: On Going

Grand Capital – Any Deposit Bonus + 40%

All profit received from trading the bonus funds is freely withdrawable. In time the bonus funds pass into the client’s…

Expiry Date: On Going

Gainsys – Tiered Royal Bonus up to 40%

Each time a client deposits his ECN trading account, he has the right to apply for Royal Bonuses crediting. The…

Expiry Date: On Going

FxOpen – 1 USD Welcome Bonus

The bonus will be added automatically to the first Micro account that you open. You can use the bonus for…

Expiry Date: On Going

FreshForex – Deposit without Commission

Your deposit of $1000, you get $1000 to trade

Expiry Date: On Going

SuperForex – 1000% Easy Deposit Bonus

If you make a deposit of just $10, you will get a full $100 as a bonus, allowing you to…

Expiry Date: On Going

SuperForex – Dynamic Bonus

A real-money bonus that is meant not only for trading but can also be easily withdrawn. With the Dynamic Bonus,…

Expiry Date: On Going

SuperForex – 120% Hot Bonus

For unlimited period of time SuperForex’ customers can get a 120% bonus when replenishing their accounts. The bonus is intended…

Expiry Date: On Going

SuperForex – 60% Energy Deposit Bonus

For SuperForex most active traders, there is the 60% Energy Bonus.

Expiry Date: On Going

SuperForex – 50% Welcome+ Bonus

SuperForex always tries to offer the best offers exclusively to our customers in order to make your trading as comfortable…

Expiry Date: On Going

NPBFX – 50% Tradable Welcome Bonus

No cancel after drawdown Available for withdrawal Without time limits

Expiry Date: On Going

InstaForex – 30% Welcome Bonus

In order to obtain the Welcome Bonus, you need to register a live trading account and fill in the online…

Expiry Date: On Going

Capital Street Fx – 200% Tradable Bonus

200% Tradable Bonuse Account insurance Against Loses Tight Spreads (As Low As 0 Pips) Regulated Broker Safety Of Funds Over…

Expiry Date: On Going

Capital Street Fx – 150% Tradable Bonus

150% Tradable Bonus Account insurance Against Loses Tight Spreads (As Low As 0 Pips) Regulated Broker Safety Of Funds Over…

Expiry Date: On Going

Emporio Trading – 10% Extra Bonus

Valid only for new accounts Not applicable to deposits in accounts you already have Not withdrawable

Expiry Date: On Going

OctaFx – 50% Deposit Bonus

Get a 50% bonus on your deposit of minimum $50. You may withdraw the bonus provided you have profits from…

Expiry Date: On Going

LMFX – Deposit Match Bonus

The 100% Credit Bonus is intended to increase the trading volume of a client’s accounts. If all requirements of this…

Expiry Date: On Going

LMFX – 15% Pheonix Bonus

When you make your first time deposit into your Phoenix Bonus Account, you will receive an amount of funds ‘pending’…

Expiry Date: On Going

JustForex – Double Benefit Bonus

Every deposit of at least 100 USD can be doubled. The profit is available for withdrawal anytime. The withdrawal of…

Expiry Date: On Going

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