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FXChoice Crypto Deposit Bonus – 80% Deposit Bonus

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Last Updated: May 2, 2023 @ 8:14 pm

FXChoice Crypto Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus Details:

FXChoice is partnering with Forex Penguin to give the best possible deposit bonus to you.

Currently, FXCHoice is offering the following deposit bonuses. A deposit can claim several bonuses at once.

1. A 15% bonus on all Crypto deposits. (Unlimited times of deposit)

2. A 25% welcome bonus (on deposits within 7 days of verification). (Unlimited times of deposit within 7 days)

3. A 25% bonus on all deposits (including fiat and Crypto).

If you deposit using Crypto within 7 days of profile verification, you would receive a 65% of deposit bonus on your Crypto deposit (15% + 25% + 25%).

Here is the good news. If you sign up under Forex Penguin, we are able to give you another extra 15% deposit bonus on your first deposit.

So, in the above scenario, you would receive an 80% deposit bonus for your first crypto deposit.

*The IB Bonus of 15% is only valid for the first deposit. 

Link to the Bonus: FXChoice Crypto Deposit Bonus – 80% Deposit Bonus

Bonus Size: up to 80% Deposit Bonus

Expiry Date: On Going

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Click HERE to CLAIM the up to 80% Deposit Bonus

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