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FreshForex – 101% Deposit Bonus

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Last Updated: Jan 5, 2022 @ 8:05 pm

Deposit Bonus Details:


Fresh Forex is doing it again. It is offering a whopping 101% deposit bonus on the first deposit which exceeds $500 and no more than $5000. This really can give a boost to anyone who understands the deposit bonus and wants to leverage it for bigger starting capital.

While a lot of Forex Companies offer a big amount of deposit bonus but most of them have a skeleton in the closet. They have set a lot of limitations which makes the trading condition worse than without a deposit bonus.

Fresh Forex has promised that there will be no changes to the account after the traders get their deposit bonus. Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits Fresh Forex is offering.

1. Automated Process

The process of acquiring the deposit bonus is seamless and automated. There are only 3 simple steps. First of all, it is to open an account and verify your personal data. It is a standard procedure for any forex broker company to remain accountable. The second step is to enable bonuses for trading account Classic MT4, Classic MT5 or Market Pro Mt4. Lastly, fund $500 or more and you will get the 101% deposit bonus in your account in less than half an hour.

2. Same Leverage

The leverage remains the same after a deposit bonus is added. Unlike what most forex companies do, Fresh Forex believes that a deposit bonus is here to assist the traders. Imagine the following scenario: An account with $100 balance and 1:500 leverage can trade 0.5 lot on the Dollar/Yen but once you receive a deposit bonus, the leverage is lowered to 1:100. Now for the same $100 you can only trade with 0.1 lot. This will not happen in Fresh Forex. For any account less than $3000, the maximum leverage offered by Fresh Forex is 1:1000 of Meta Trader 4 and 1:2000 on Meta Trader 5.

3. Same Stop-Out Level

The stop-out level remains the same. It makes no sense to have a bigger account balance but it has also an increase stop-out level. Example: Before a deposit bonus, the minimum balance you need to have in the account is $20 for all the positions to remain active. But now after adding the deposit bonus, you need to have a $100 minimum balance to keep all the positions active. It surely defeats the purpose of the deposit bonus. Again, Fresh Forex understands this and your stop-out level will remain the same after a deposit bonus is added.

4. Bonus Is Real And Tradable

The deposit bonus is real and tradable. It means that you can utilize this bonus to overcome any drawdown in case you are in the position of floating loss. Example: If you deposit $500, you get $505 in the account. Now you have $1005 altogether. If your floating loss is more than $500, your position will still remain active because the deposit bonus is treated as the real balance and it can help to stand the drawdown.

5. Bigger Account Size

Last but not least, it is the bigger size of the fund. With a bigger fund, you are now able to trade a bigger lot size. In trading, size does matter. It is useful to maximize a profit and to withstand a loss. With a $500 deposit, you will have $1005 in the account. This is a big deal. Check it out to find out more about Fresh Forex and its deposit bonus.

Link to the Bonus: FreshForex – 101% Deposit Bonus

Bonus Size: 101% Bonus For 1st $500 Deposit

Expiry Date: On Going

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