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Olymp Trade Sets Its Tournament Prize Fund to an unprecedented $1M

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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2022 @ 6:06 pm

Force your way to the top and become one of the 50 lucky winners in a new trading competition with an inspiring Prize Fund of $1,000,000.

On February 8, Olymp Trade started The Silver Bull Tournament. This massive trading competition is dedicated to the Lunar New Year celebration. The prize fund has been recently increased up to $1M to match the contest’s catchy slogan “Let’s Hit High!”

Inspired by the success of the two previous tournaments, Olymp Trade is holding another big challenge. The Silver Bull Tournament started on February 8 and will last till February 21. It’s called so for a reason: the Bull, a symbol of the upcoming Lunar year, traditionally represents power, patience, and perseverance – the qualities a successful trader is known for. Besides, this mighty beast stands for a strong uptrend.

All these meanings combined, there is no better mascot for a tournament promoting the Trader’s Way. The contestants will be Hitting High and get generous rewards for their achievements. The prize list includes cash, Experience Points (XP), and dozens of the new-gen Apple devices.

The Tournament participants have 3 main leagues to join, depending on their status. These are League 1 (Starter), League 2 (Advanced), or League 3 (Expert). If an applicant feels he or she should go to the next level, they are welcome to upgrade their status before the competition and join a higher league. The beginning of the Metal Bull year is a perfect time for upward progress!

The Tournament Prize Fund Is Getting Bigger

For users’ convenience, The Silver Bull Tournament follows the basic structure of the previous contests. But there are some inspiring changes, too:

  • The already mentioned Prize Fund, which has reached the unprecedented amount of 1 Million Dollars.
  • The number of lucky ones, which has more than doubled. This time, as many as 50 participants will be declared winners. As before, the prize value depends on the holder’s league and their position on the list.

Famous for its strength and determination, the Silver Bull is also an auspicious animal that brings good luck. To celebrate this aspect of the New Year symbol, Olymp Trade offers The Lucky Spin — an additional prize-winning opportunity open to all the participants who have funded their real accounts. Regardless of their Tournament progress, all “lucky spinners” may win:

  • An Ultra Prize (Gold Bar worth $60,000);
  • 20 Mega Prizes (iPad Pro 12.9”);
  • 40 Super Prizes worth $400 each (Apple Watch Series 6).

There are no losers here — everyone receives a trophy, big or small. A participant may spin the wheel once every 24 hours to try their fortune for free.

At a closer look, The Silver Bull Tournament is an enhanced version of last year’s events, with its bigger prize fund and a longer list of winners. An awesome opportunity to exercise leadership, persistence, and other Bull’s traits hidden inside all of us!

Therefore, if you want to kick-start the New Year with major achievements and some fun, join The Silver Bull Tournament.

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