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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024 @ 4:19 pm

Promotion Is Expired

FBS $140 Level Up Bonus Details:

FBS is offering a maximum of $140 no deposit bonus for its new clients or existing clients.

The requirements of getting the $140 no deposit bonus:

  1. Open a new account with FBS for the new clients. If you already have a verified FBS account, you can proceed to step 3. (You can find the link at the bottom of this page)
  2. Verify your personal identity and residential address.
  3. Go to the FBS cabinet, click on the Promotion tab and you will see a list of bonuses available for you. Click on the level up bonus section.
    FBS $140 Level Up Bonus Promotion
  4. Open a level up account. Open Level Up Account
  5. A level up MT5 account is created automatically for you with all the credentials. Now you have to fulfill all the criteria in order to receive the $70/$140 no deposit bonus. FBS Level Up Account Created
  6. Click on the Level Up! button. Level Up MT5 Account Information
  7. You can choose to double your bonus ($140) by installing the apps and you can skip the process if you are fine with the $70 level up bonus. Double your level up bonus
  8. If you are keen to get a $140 level up bonus, then get the apps in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In this example, we are downloading from the Google Play Store. FBS Trading Broker App
  9. In the FBS Trading App, you will see that your Level Up MT5 account has $70. To level up, go to the bottom area of the app and look for the gift icon. Click on it.FBS App Click Gift Icon
  10. You will see a list of available bonuses. Click on the Level Up bonus. FBS App Level Up
  11. Click on the Double your bonus button.FBS App Level Up Bonus Screen
  12. Now you have $140 in your account balance. FBS App Double Bonus
  13. Connect the level up account to your Facebook. FBS Connect To Facebook
  14. After connecting to your Facebook account. Take the test to activate the $140 bonus. FBS Take The Test
  15. Congratulation, you have $140 available in your trading account now. FBS Level Up Account Balance

Trading Limitations:

  1. Bonus is available on the MetaTrader5 platform only.
  2. Only for major currency pairs and precious metals.
  3. Order volume: 0.01 lot.
  4. Leverage: 1:100.
  5. Required 20 active trading days with 5 days missed.
  6. Maximum number of positions opened at the same time: 5
  7. Minimum of lots traded in the period of 20 active trading days: 5.
  8. Requires 10 points difference between the opening and closing prices.
  9. Requires positive pips difference.
  10. Validity period: 40 days upon receiving the bonus.

Example of the bonus progress:

FBS Bonus Progress

How to withdraw the profit:

  1. Trade and fulfill trading requirements.
  2. At the end of the 40 days, the system will transfer your profit to your active trading account. You can also do it manually.
  3. The sum of the maximum withdrawal is $140. (In the case where you did not double your bonus through the FBS trading app, you can only withdraw $70).

This bonus is no longer available. Please check out the best no deposit bonus 2024 to find the most reputable broker to kick start your forex trading.

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Mr. Strauss

Some time ago I thought I knew all about the broker’s bonuses. Apparently I didn’t get all of them and can still get more.
That’s great because I use these bonuses to boost my deposit. It helps me to increase lot size and therefore increase my profits.

Ku Zet Tan

I’m not sure that among my friends there are those who could refuse bonuses. And that’s quite normal. Because bonuses are always supporting from the company. And FBS bonuses are supporting for traders starting their trading activity.

Rafael D.

This article writes in great detail about the FBS bonus program. But it doesn’t say anything about how these bonuses can influence trading.
I’m sure that everyone who reads this article knows that all brokers who provide bonuses to their clients only allow them to be used for trading. FBS is not an exception.
This amount can be used to increase your order size. Or for example to increase number of orders opened in parallel.

Quang Trung

Buddy, I think everyone decides for themselves how and where they want to spend their bonuses. And you are right, of course, that these bonuses can be used in this way.

Saka Permadi

what are particular advantages of choosing a pro account on this platform? is there a boost in skills due to it? =)

Thanakorn Chaichana

Well, I don’t believe that once you go trading with a professional account, your skills will boost automatically 🙂 I wish it had worked like that… but unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you want to boost your skills and knowledge, spend more time educating yourself, and trade with a CENT account. Actually, the main purpose of the Cent account is that, practice trading in a real trading environment with minimum financial risk. However, the PRO account is intended to offer better trading conditions for professional traders who are trading with a relatively larger account size and place and keep… Read more »

Damrong Pisit-na

$140 for just registration and verification?! I take it!


All those bonuses are good for newbies especially. they can have extra fundings to be more comfortable on the market.

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