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Cabana Capitals – $35 Welcome Bonus

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Last Updated: Jan 9, 2020 @ 1:28 am

Promotion Is Expired

Cabana Capitals $35 welcome bonus Details:

Canaba Capitals is giving its new clients a chance to try out their live trading account. A $35 welcome bonus without deposit is granted. This offer is not eligible however for the residents of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, and the US.

The requirements of getting the $35 welcome bonus:

  1. After opening the welcome account, email welcomebonus@cabanacapitals.com with your account ID.

Trading Limitations:

  1. The welcome Account is only valid for 30 days to trade.
  2. It is a micro account type.
  3. EA or Robot trading is not allowed.

How to withdraw the profit:

  1. A minimum of $35 or a maximum of $100 of profit can be withdrawn.
  2. The profit must be transferred to a new live account.
  3. A minimum deposit of $100 must be made to the new live account.
  4. The profit can only be withdrawn from the new live account after completion of 1 lot of trading volume.
  5. Profit transferred can only be requested once from the welcome account to the live account.

This bonus is no longer available. Please check out the best no deposit bonus 2024 to find the most reputable broker to kick start your forex trading.

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