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The Financial Investment Expo 2023

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Last Updated: Aug 24, 2023 @ 12:34 am

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The Financial Investment Expo 2023, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Details of Ho Chi Minh The Financial Investment Expo 2023 are as follows:

Date: 21st October 2023

Time: 9:30 – 18:00

Venue: Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers

2023 The Financial Investment Expo is a major event for the fintech and financial investment industry worldwide. It is a comprehensive platform designed for global fintech companies and investment and financial institutions to display their corporate image, expand brand influence, promote financial products, and expand market share. At the same time, it also builds a new financial investment service platform for global investors to connect resources and exchange information.

In recent years, Internet technology has affected and subverted the traditional financial industry with an unprecedented wave, and the finance + technology sector has risen rapidly and become extremely popular. In 2023, under the influence of the global inflation crisis + geopolitical conflicts, and other factors, how to allocate major types of assets has become one of the most critical problems troubling investors. This event will further meet the professional investment needs of fintech enthusiasts and financial investors in an all-around way. It will be a bridge and bond for the comprehensive communication and deep cooperation between fintech institutions, investment and financial planning institutions, and investors.

This 2023 Financial Investment Expo mainly covers foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, payment, and other industries, while blockchain, Meta, NFT, DeFi, artificial intelligence, and Web 3.0 will also participate in it. It includes not only traditional financial institutions but also the integration of the latest forms of business in the fintech industry. At the same time, the expo will be attended by more than 100 well-known guests in the financial industry. With the joint support of many enterprises, institutions, and guest teachers in the industry, the summit will be an opportunity to share resources and exchange ideas.

Participants: Foreign exchange companies, crypto exchanges, payment companies, banks, insurance, securities, futures, trust, asset management, digital financial enterprises, financial media, financial technology companies, financial support service companies, NFT companies, Meta, financial securities companies, software companies, software providers, artificial intelligence, big data companies, etc

Audience composition: leaders of foreign exchange companies, leaders of crypto exchanges, leaders of payment companies, bank executives, insurance executives, securities and futures executives, high net worth investors innovative financial industry practitioners, financial company leaders, fintech companies, agencies, financial companies, financial industry practitioners, etc

Features of this expo

  1. The world’s largest and far-reaching financial investment Expo

More than 100 financial investment + Fintech companies participated in the summit, including companies such as forex, cryptocurrency, payments, banking, securities, insurance, futures, blockchain, Meta, asset management, electronic payment systems, and fintech solutions.

  1. Join hands with world-famous entrepreneurs to discuss the frontier development of the financial investment industry

More than 100 well-known entrepreneurs and heads of institutions were invited to give speeches, systematically explaining the latest development process and future direction of the financial investment industry.

  1. High-end network resources

The attendees mainly include guests of global famous financial enterprises, introducing brokers, senior executives of banks and securities industry, outstanding leaders of the Internet finance industry, well-known experts and scholars, industry elites, media representatives, legal teams, high-net-worth investors, to ensure the efficiency of resource connection and communication.

  1. Cooperate with numerous media organizations to achieve global dissemination and influence

The Expo mainly cooperates with 100 well-known financial media around the world to carry out in-depth coverage and wide dissemination of this international financial Expo. Eight million exposures will maximize the influence of the expo in the financial sector.

Topics of the meeting:

  • 2023 Logic and Trend analysis of Global Asset allocation
  • The trading system in the global foreign exchange market
  • How can forex brokers better serve global traders
  • How to strengthen the supervision of foreign exchange investment industry
  • The importance of strengthening foreign exchange regulation and investor capital safety
  • We will give full play to the important role of foreign exchange investment in asset allocation
  • The impact of global energy crisis on foreign exchange investment
  • Opportunities and risks brought by blockchain to traditional financial markets
  • How to seize the opportunities in digital asset investment
  • Is Digital asset Investment the ultimate Choice for financial Development?
  • The impact of digital currency, blockchain technology, cross-border payment and other factors on the field of commercial payment
  • Payment industry convergence – Case analysis and development trend interpretation of alternative payment solutions
  • Global cross-border payment innovation and the use of fintech
  • Explore the next investment opportunity of Web3 around Meta and NFT


Contact us: happy@tfiexpo.com


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