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Hanoi Vietnam Traders Fair 2023

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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2023 @ 2:39 pm

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Traders Fair & Awards, Hanoi Vietnam 2023

TF Hanoi 2023

A Day Filled with Rich Experiences at The Hanoi Traders Fair 2023

Hanoi, 26 June 2023 — FINEXPO successfully concluded the Hanoi Traders Fair & Gala Dinner at InterContinental Landmark72 Hanoi Hotel on June 24, 2023. Over 2000 people attended the Traders Fair and the gala dinner show, where more than 25 brokers showcased their booths. The event featured a full day of programs, including speaking seminars, workshops, lucky draws, live performances, and other engaging activities.

FINEXPO had the honour of inviting 17 esteemed speakers from around the world to share their insights and valuable information with the participants. The speakers covered a diverse range of topics, including Bitcoin Secret: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Expert Traders, Profit Allocation – Risk Management in Trading, the Potential of Financial Markets after the Collapse of Big Banks, Affiliate Marketing in Currency Trading Markets, and other exciting subjects such as Tradingview Pine Script: Build and Backtest Trading Strategies. Furthermore, the trending topics of Web 3 and Defi in Cryptocurrency attracted significant interest. Attendees also enjoyed learning about how ChatGPT can help them become better traders, how market leaders can teach trading skills and the experience of comprehensive forex analysis.

Throughout the day, each program garnered considerable attention due to its captivating offerings. The Traders Fair provided participants with a wonderful and enriching experience, leaving them thoroughly satisfied. Moreover, it served as an excellent platform for networking, allowing participants to connect with industry leaders from around the world and engage in one-on-one interactions. The event facilitated the creation of hundreds of valuable connections and opened up numerous opportunities. Participants left with fruitful results after a day filled with insightful seminars and workshops.

To catch a glimpse of the highlights from the event, please visit the Traders Fair & Award Facebook page. Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in the near future. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest information!

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Details of the Hanoi Vietnam Traders Fair 2023 are as follows:

Date: 24th June 2023
Time: 9:30 – 18:00 Expo | 18:30 Gala Night
Venue: InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 , Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam – FINEXPO, a leading organizer of financial and trading events, has announced the upcoming Traders Fair to be held on June 24, 2023, at the Intercontinental Luxury Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Traders Fair is a premier event that brings together traders, investors, financial experts, brokers, and service providers from across the globe. The event is designed to facilitate networking, learning, and showcasing innovative products and services related to trading and investing.

Attendees at the Traders Fair will have access to various activities, including exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities. The event will feature top financial experts delivering talks on various topics related to trading and investing. Attendees can participate in hands-on workshops to learn new skills and techniques related to trading and investing.

In addition, the event will include a gala dinner for VIPs, sponsors, and other guests. There will be a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at the gala dinner, making this an excellent opportunity for guests to network and build relationships.

To attend the gala dinner, interested individuals must purchase VIP tickets, which will provide access to exclusive areas and experiences at the event. VIP tickets will be available for purchase on the FINEXPO website.

We look forward to seeing everyone again. If you want more information, please visit tradersfair.com or contact FINEXPO through email info@finexpo.org.

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Press Releases Updates:

In this section, we are listing out all the press releases for the event.

Press Release 13th June 2023

Unlock the Secrets of Trading Success: Traders Fair 2023 Invites You to Join the Journey

HANOI, 13 June 2023 – FINEXPO proudly presents the Traders Fair 2023, a unique and unrivaled event that unites traders, investors, financial experts, brokers, and service providers from all corners of the globe. This exceptional gathering aims to foster meaningful connections, facilitate knowledge exchange, and showcase groundbreaking products and services within the world of trading and investing.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Hanoi, Vietnam, the Traders Fair offers attendees an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and unparalleled networking prospects. Experience the stories of triumph, perseverance, and human connection within the finance world, inspiring you to explore the limitless possibilities of trading and investing. The Traders Fair isn't just about experts discussing strategies or cutting-edge products’s about real stories that resonate deep within you. Be inspired by the trader who turned a small investment into a life-changing opportunity or the investor who used their profits to impact society positively.

These stories of success and resilience remind us of the transformative power of trading and investing. This event is a melting pot of diverse perspectives and cultures, bringing together traders and investors worldwide. Engage with like-minded individuals, broaden your horizons, and forge connections that extend beyond the confines of the event itself. Seize the opportunity from the vibrant gala dinner, an evening of elegance and camaraderie. Join industry leaders, esteemed speakers, and fellow attendees in an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. Share laughter, exchange ideas, and build relationships that could shape your future endeavors.

Mark your calendar for the Traders Fair 2023 and discover the latest trends, connect with industry influencers, and gain valuable insights that will shape your trading and investing journey. Come for the knowledge, stay for the stories, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose in the world of finance.

Details of the  Vietnam Traders Fair 2023 are as follows:
Date: 24th June 2023
Time: 9:30 – 18:00 Expo | 18:30 Gala Dinner

Venue: Intercontinental Hanoi landmark82, Vietnam
For more information, please visit tradersfair.com/hanoi/. You may also contact FINEXPO via email
at info@finexpo.org.
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Press Release 24th May 2023

There will be a number of sponsors at the Philippines Traders Fair, including XS Group, a global sponsor, TMGM, an official sponsor, and AETOS, RADEX MARKETS as platinum sponsor of the event. As a Gold Sponsor, we are grateful to Vantage, LIRUNEX LIMITED, CXM Prime, CPT Markets, PU Prime, Trading Pro, Vlado Broker for their support. Last but not least, we have Doo Prime and Hantec Financial as our Silver Sponsor.

There are still many more potential companies joining us on event day. At the fair you will have the chance to learn more from the best trading experts at outstanding seminars and workshops, which will give you the opportunity to network and meet global leaders in the trading industry from all over the world for a great opportunity to get to know InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72. There are also several experienced speakers who will be presenting a range of seminars on topics which will be of interest to you and from which you may be able to gain a lot of valuable knowledge.

Come join us in Hanoi to learn from the best trading experts in seminars and workshops. Additionally, we have lucky draws and fantastic prizes that you can win as well. If you would like more information, please visit tradersfair.com. You may also contact FINEXPO via email info@finexpo.org.

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Press Release 26th April 2023

TF-hanoi 2023

Traders Fair is a one-of-a-kind and well-planned series of events that has wowed audiences in many nations. Everyone who has a keen interest in the world of finance will find it easy to learn about it. You will always have access to a wealth of information, entertainment, and business opportunities. Financial rules change virtually daily for a number of reasons, making it extremely hard to keep track of everything.

There will be an opportunity for you to listen to a number of finance experts and business leaders entirely for free as part of the Traders Fair event in Hanoi. The purpose of this site is to provide you with all the knowledge you need in order to accurately and realistically help you make money from your trading and investing. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

During this event, we are delighted to announce that a few potential speakers will give their seminars
speeches during the event. Having worked with incredible financial expert speakers such as Chu Ngoc Cuong (Founder of Investing.vn), Thai Vo (Vietnam Best Trading Guru 2021), Harry Tuan Anh (Founder of Harry Trader Group) and Đinh Văn Hùng (Founder of H2 Capital) who also joined us in Hanoi Traders Fair last year.

Furthermore, we have new speakers such as Võ Tiên Sanh (Full Time Master Trader & CEO at Wisd Uni Company), Tô Triều (Founder of tohaitrieu.net), Phuc Truong (Founder of PTsolutions agency) and Hoàng Soros (Investor- Trainer).

All of these speakers have experience in the financial industry. Stay tuned with us for more detailed information on the topics that our speakers are going to discuss during the event if you are enthusiastic about knowing what they are going to discuss.

Details of Hanoi Traders Fair 2023 are as follows:

Date : 24 th June 2022

Time : 9:30 – 18:00

Venue: InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again after a long break. There will be safety protocols in place and the number of visitors will be dependent on the space at our sites so the public stays safe and healthy. If you would like to know more information, please visit tradersfair.com. You may also contact FINEXPO through email info@finexpo.org .

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