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Last Updated: May 22, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

Deposit Bonus Details:

The 50% Deposit Bonus only applies on every new deposits made to trading accounts at minimum of $1,000 for Standard account and $5,000 for VIP account.
The 50% Deposit Bonus is only offered to Standard and VIP accounts.
Once a client has deposited fund to their account, they will need to apply for the bonus at Deposit Bonus page.
The maximum amount provided by the 50% Deposit Bonus is $10,000 for both Standard and VIP accounts.
To withdraw the Bonus from your account, you need to trade required amount of standard lots. Following the formula of : (Total awarded bonus in USD) / 4 = Number of standard lots (Required lots)
When clients make a withdrawal from their account, there will be a proportionate removal of the bonus amount rewarded. The bonus removal calculation following a withdrawal request is, Withdrawal amount X 0.5 (50%). For example, if a client wishes to withdraw $1,000 from their trading account, $500 of rewarded bonus will be deducted automatically.
Unless all requirements for withdrawal are met, you can not withdraw more than your original deposit plus profit at any time. Once the original deposit is removed, the bonus is also removed.
If the withdrawal requirements are not completed, bonuses awarded as 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion can only be used for credit purposes.
Fund transfers between trading accounts internally within the company are considered as withdrawals, therefore Bonus removal will take place if the amount being transferred out from the 50% Deposit Bonus account is from the original balance that was awarded a respective bonus.
In the case of selecting the 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion, there is no margin call alert.

Link to the Bonus: GF Trade – 50% Deposit Bonus

Bonus Size: 50% Support Deposit Bonus

Expiry Date: On Going

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