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Larson & Holz – $14,100 Monthly Prizes To Be Won

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Live Contest Details:

Link to the Live Contest: Larson & Holz – $14,100 Monthly Prizes To Be Won

Every month Larson&Holz It Ltd holds a traders’ contest throughout real accounts of more than 100 USD. The Non-deposit accounts participate in the contest after depositing the real funds.

You do not have to register separately in the contest. You just have to open the real account at any service, replenish it with any amount of more than USD 100 and in 5 working days you will be automatically placed in the special rating table, on the base which the contests are held. There are several tens on prize places, every month; the total prize fund is normallymore than USD 10000. If you have a number of real accounts all of them participate in the contest. On the first on each month the results are automatically announced, prizes are deposited on the trading accounts and the new contest starts immediately. You are welcome to participate in the contest and get prizes unlimited number of times. The info on all contest winners is stored on the separate site page.

The places in the contest table are arranged in accordance with the monthly yield decrease; to be exact the yield is calculated in percents starting from the moment the trader has entered the contest till the last date of the month. All new traders just registered and replenished the accounts join the contest in any date of the month, but they have a chance to get the prize at this month. On the first of next month the results of all participants are cancelled and the new contest starts.

There are many functions of the rating table. Actually it is a global social trader’s network. You can sort traders but any column, chat with any trader. In your personal area you can download avatar, open and close various personal data. With the assistance of the rating trader may find the investor or investor choose the trader.

Link to the Live Contest: Larson & Holz – $14,100 Monthly Prizes To Be Won


145 Prizes of Total $14,100

Expiry Date: On Going

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