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Last Updated: May 22, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

Deposit Bonus Details:

The Dynamic Bonus is designed based on the principle of communicating vessels – nothing can change in one without affecting the other. In this case - the number of trade orders will dynamically be reflected on the amount of the funds you may withdraw. This means the more trades you make, the more real money you can withdraw.

For each lot you trade with SuperForex, they will release $1 from the bonus amount for you to withdraw:
1 Lot = $1 of the amount of the bonus to be withdrawn without restrictions

The Dynamic Bonus is calculated based on the amount of the deposit as follows:
Deposit Amount Bonus
from $100 to $500 20%
from $501 to $1500 15%
from $1501 to $3000 10%
over $3000 25%
Note: The maximum amount the bonus that can be released for withdrawal cannot exceed $250 per account.

Link to the Bonus: SuperForex – Dynamic Bonus

Bonus Size: A tradable and withdrawable bonus of up to $250 per account.

Expiry Date: On Going

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Click HERE to CLAIM the A tradable and withdrawable bonus of up to $250 per account.

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